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Maynard travels to Grove City

December 20, 2005 | #

Maynard received a warm welcome by Grove City Childrenís Librarian, Heather Baker. Mrs. Bakerís story time crew enjoyed listening to author PS Murphy reading Maynard, the Mannerly Monkey, one of her published books.

Later the children, wearing monkey hand puppets, interacted with the author as she told another of her original stories. A Jungle Town limbo and a Maynard paper doll craft were among the other activities.

The author ended her feature with a book signing.

Maynard Invited To Family Night

October 25, 2005 | #

PS Murphy, author of Maynard the Mannerly Monkey, was a guest at Mercer Library for their annual book fair. 'Family Night' featured the author reading her book and children participating in an interactive puppet story and Jungle Town limbo.

Hermitage Health Place, Maynard Day

October 13, 2005 | #

Friday, September 30, PS Murphy was featured at the Hermitage Health Place for a Maynard Day story time and book signing. Peggy S Murphy, the author and creator of Maynard the Mannerly Monkey, captivated her audience of about 30 children while reading her book. The children also joined in for an interactive puppet story, jungle limbo, and each created their own Maynard paper doll to take home.

Author PS Murphy at Stey-Nevant Library for a book signing

June 04, 2005 | #

Maynard the Mannerly Monkey, author PS Murphy, appeared at Stey-Nevant Library's open house. The author featured and autographed her book and sold Maynard shirts and hats.

Maynard Day at school!

May 20, 2005 | #

Maynard the Mannerly Monkey, author PS Murphy, entertained grades K-3 with a story time feature. Each student received a shirt and hat just like the one Maynard wears in his book.